FunMobility produces mobile applications that can be found on most major carriers. The core applications the company produces are commerce apps for consumers to purchase wallpaper and ringtones. However, they have a mobile community application called America’s Best Mobile Pix™ (APIX). The service was the first mobile photo community application of its kind. Customers would take photos using their camera phone, and submit them into contests such as Hottest Girl, Hottest Guy, Cutest Baby, Best Pet, Coolest Ride, Funniest Pix and other sponsored contests.

In order to compete with the online communities, APIX needed to have a web component. Since FunMobility had core experience in mobile development, Street Level Designs was engaged to define the strategy, requirements, and create a prototype to put APIX on the web. The challenge would be to make APIX a mobile to web/web to mobile community. We were able to focus FunMobility’s team and product based on core brand attributes and defined a comprehensive product roadmap. The integrated service was successfully launched in 2007 as and sees over 20 million community interactions a month.

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